Sometimes I Produce

My work as a Creative Producer at Pirate Size Productions involves identifying and developing projects for television and for film. Our company produces content for children, young people and families and spans everything from animated television for preschoolers up to live-action teen and YA films. Check out our company. Click Here

As with my writing, in producing I’m drawn to projects that are funny, strange, sad and beautiful. However, with my producer hat on my job is to objectively assess these projects for commercial viability and their place in the international market.

Once a show makes it into production I tend to oversee story, scripting, voice performances and music whilst leaning on my skilled co-directors Bryony and Alyssa to help lead the many other elements of production. However, this division happens on a project-by-project basis.

Pirate Size Productions does not take unsolicited pitches, but we are always open to meeting emerging writers and creators who would like to reach out and introduce themselves.